We support clients to create beneficial change within their business environment. Our dominant services embody helping clients clarify vision, enhance organisational performance, safely fast track sourcing projects, strengthen governance, and assure compliance.



Battiston Consulting helps clients clarify their vision. We help progress the corporate mission for our clients by ensuring that:

  • Strategy is clearly defined, and understood across the organisation
  • Company operational and financial plans are cascaded from the strategy and able to be executed

Clarity > Effective communication > Consistent operational and financial plans




Battiston Consulting helps clients enhance their organisational performance. Our aim is to work with clients to develop their organisational capabilities by ensuring:

  • ICT is aligned to the key needs of the business
  • ICT is organised and structured to deliver maximum value to the business
  • ICT is a high performing function
  • ICT investment and delivery performance remains transparent and driven by business priorities
  • ICT people are performing at high levels
  • Clients are supported by Battiston Consulting executives directly implanted into the client’s business

Enhanced performance > Alignment, efficiency with executive support > Performing assets and people



Battiston Consulting helps clients safely fast track their sourcing projects. We deliver optimal sourcing outcomes to our clients by ensuring that:

  • Business case is realistic
  • Service mix is right sized
  • RFI/RFP process is conducted effectively and efficiently
  • Solution selection is structured, consistent, and utilises all available information
  • Negotiation processes represent the client´s best interests

Safely fast track > Efficient sourcing processes > Informed decisions with successful negotiations



Battiston Consulting helps clients strengthen their governance. We help clients improve their governance over investments and projects by:

  • Identifying appropriate management structures and processes to set investment priorities and oversee project delivery outcomes
  • Ensuring that appropriate policies and methodologies are used to effectively manage the delivery of investment outcomes
  • Implementing appropriate reporting processes to ensure full Board and Executive transparency of investment/project performance

Governance strengthened > Risk frameworks, IT controls, Governance models >Superior IT investments


Delivery Assurance

Battiston Consulting helps clients assure their delivery initiatives. We support clients in improving their level of compliance to their governance standards and policies by ensuring:

  • Effective functioning of the project office
  • Learnings are captured via a robust post implementation review (PIR) process
  • IT projects and service delivery is structured around a best practice framework, and operating efficiently

Compliance assurance > Best practice models, learning based improvement >Superior outcomes